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Dramatic Canine Actually Milks His Tiny Reduce For Consideration

Do you ever have a look at your spoiled, valuable little canine and surprise how they might have descended from wolves? Some canines you simply can’t think about ever surviving outdoors of a house with out entry to pillows and local weather management. They’re spoiled, needy, and downright dependent, however we love them anyway.

A viral video from this week stars a kind of candy, delicate little canines. The Tik Tok tells the story of an harm he acquired on the canine park and his cute and hilarious manner of dealing with it.

Tik Tok

The little canine, recognizable for his pointy and ever-visible higher tooth, goes by “sharkybobarky” on Tik Tok. His actual identify is Jaqweenie, and as we realized from that viral video, he’s fairly the dramatist.

Jaqweenie’s mother/curator of his Tik Tok account began the video with this description over a video of the canine lifting his paw:

“Jaqweenie harm his paw on the canine park. He was so upset I assumed it is perhaps damaged.”

Prognosis: Drama King

Many people know there’s no sadder sight than a wide-eyed canine strolling with a limp (particularly when it’s your child.) The subsequent section of the video explains they went proper to the vet. The vet tech takes Jaqweenie’s blood stress and examines him whereas his mother and father stand close by.

Tik Tok

Poor Jaqweenie’s face retains its traumatized expression all through the video. At the same time as, within the subsequent body, we be taught the harm plaguing this canine is barely a tiny little reduce on his paw. A small bandage and an enormous invoice later, the theatrical canine is totally effective.

Tik Tok

From the way in which Jaqweenie carried on, you would have expected a much worse diagnosis. The video’s subsequent caption summarizes:

“The vet described it as a paper reduce! A $150 paper reduce!”

Tik Tok

“Milking The ‘Harm’ For All It’s Price”

Even after he returned dwelling from his vet go to, Jaqweenie insisted on being carried. He additionally took his time strolling from the sofa to his meals bowl. Possibly he was being dramatic, or perhaps he simply liked all the eye being “injured” bought him. Or, perhaps paper cuts actually harm, okay??

Tik Tok

In fact, who could stay mad at that face? Jaq’s mother put a constructive spin on it too:

“Bless his coronary heart. I assume I’m glad he’s turn out to be so  sheltered {that a} tiny reduce rocks his world.”

Tik Tok

Watch the unique video under:

@sharkybobarkySpoiler! He’s okay! ##furbaby ##dog ##dogsofttiktok ##foryoupage ##ThatCloseMessenger♬ Angel (feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live] – Sarah McLachlan

“That’s Simply Like My Canine… And Me”

The video of Jaqweenie’s dramatics has been seen over 1.7 million instances on Tik Tok, which additionally means it made the rounds on different social websites. Some folks shared tales about their very own dramatic pooches and delicate canines.

“When my canine was a pet I spent $300 at 4 am to have the vet inform me she was sneaking additional helpings of kibble and too full to stroll.” – @Enjoyable-atParties through Reddit

“My canine does this however all the time forgets which injured leg it’s.” – Naomi through Tik Tok


Others really feel like Jaqweenie’s attention-seeking reminds them extra of themselves.

“That is precisely how I act once I get a paper reduce. I really feel seen.” – Lynsey through Tik Tok

“Me with a slight sniffle.” – @dhunna through Reddit

After which, after all, there’s the cat particular person perspective:

“In the meantime my cat stepped in a lit candle and acted like nothing occurred.” – Erin through Tik Tok

Observe @sharkybobarky on Tik Tok for extra of Jaqweenie’s histrionics. He’s additionally on Instagram under the same handle.

Featured Picture: Tik Tok

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