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Perilous Mud Flats & A Flying Sausage Make For One Cute Canine Rescue

Drones as mainstream toys are a supply of controversy, however nobody can deny their lifesaving advantages within the fingers of rescue staff. On Thursday, January 13, a pooch named Millie grew to become stranded on the Hampshire, England mudflats amid the rising tides.

Police, firefighters, and coastguards tried every part they might consider to extract the Jack Russell/Whippet combine, however she repeatedly evaded their efforts. Till that’s, they introduced in a drone and a package deal of sausage from Aldi.


It began when Millie slipped her lead whereas strolling together with her mother, Emma Oakes, in Havant, Hampshire. Rescuers and volunteers tried to seize her on foot and by kayak. Their efforts solely drove her nearer to the perilous mudflats.

Oakes sought the assistance of volunteer group Denmead Drone Search & Rescue to assist monitor Millie’s whereabouts. After two days on the run, the cussed canine was hungry and exhausted when inspiration struck one of many volunteers: Why not attempt luring her with meals connected to the drones?

“One of many guys [called Dave] stated, as a final resort, why don’t we attempt tying a sausage to a drone? This was day three, she’d been there on the mudflats for 2 days,”  DDSR volunteer Stefani Dennis instructed CNN.


A volunteer bought a pack of sausages from a close-by Aldi and, “one of many neighbors who lived by the seaside got here out and stated she’d cook dinner them for us,” Dennis added. “She was underneath a variety of stress; she will need to have felt the world was on her shoulders. However these sausages have been clearly very tasty.”

The neighbor additionally offered the string, and the crew of volunteers set about tying the cooked sausages to the drones and sending them out on rotation.

“The string was tied across the physique of the drone and across the sausage to make it dangle round two or three meters — it was very exhausting to gauge how shut you have been to the bottom nevertheless it labored by some means. Folks have been strolling by and didn’t know what was happening, it was hilarious,” Dennis stated.


Millie was instantly captivated by the flying meat and commenced attempting to snag a chunk from the hovering drones.

“She was very hungry and bought maintain of it at one level — and nearly took the drone together with her, she bought about half a sausage.”

The plan labored! Millie adopted the flying sausage off the mudflats onto increased—and dryer—floor. Her cussed streak continued a bit longer till she was finally captured in an industrial property on Monday.

“I feel all of us cried [when she was reunited with her owner], I used to be so grateful that she made it residence,” Dennis added. “The way in which the neighborhood got here collectively saved Millie.”


In accordance with her mother:

“Millie’s a rescue canine so she’s fairly timid. She loves being at residence greater than something and now she’s again all she’s doing is sleeping. She simply sleeps and eats and appears at you as if to say: ‘I’m resting, go away me alone.’”


Millie might by no means know simply how a lot effort went into saving her life, however rescuers are in settlement: her security is all that issues!

H/T to CNN
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