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The Proper Pet Insurance coverage Can Imply Massive Financial savings For Your Chihuahua’s Vet Payments

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Life grows costlier by the day. Gasoline, groceries, utilities, it’s all attending to be an excessive amount of. However what occurs if considered one of your furry relations will get sick or damage? Vet payments aren’t getting any cheaper both, and a serious medical episode from Chihuahua well being issues can actually put you behind. And even pressure you to make troublesome decisions. However pet insurance coverage may simply save your Chihuahua’s life whereas maintaining you from drowning in vet payments. Previously, selecting the best pet insurance coverage firm may very well be a irritating and complicated course of. Now, getting an easy-to-understand and detailed quote is as simple as clicking and scrolling!

Pet Insurance coverage Costs & Protection in Only a Few Clicks

Working with Pet Insurer, the canine lovers at have created a straightforward software to check pricing and protection from all the key pet insurance coverage manufacturers with only a few clicks. And bear in mind, utilizing this service is free, and the quotes require no obligation. You’re merely doing all your homework.

Not satisfied your Chihuahua wants pet insurance coverage? Let’s take a look at the highest 5 well being issues in chihuahuas as seen by a veterinarian.

Frequent Well being Issues in Chihuahuas

Dr. Dana Koch, VMD, MLAS, defined chihuahuas are loyal and bold little dogs with “‘massive’ personalities.” However she additionally reported these fierce little canine aren’t proof against well being issues, and she or he usually finds Chihuahuas affected by these 5 well being issues:

  • Luxating patella
  • Collapsing trachea
  • Bladder stones
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Dental illness

The therapy for these situations might be expensive, relying on their severity. And left untreated, the problems can result in extreme discomfort and even costly emergency therapies.

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Luxating Patella

A genetic situation widespread in Chihuahuas, a luxating patella, is the medical time period for a dislocation of the kneecap. Dr. Koch reported the severity can vary, however “a luxating patella can happen on one leg or each and might predispose a canine to arthritis and different orthopedic situations.”

So, in case your Chihuahua is identified with luxating patella, therapy can vary, relying on how badly the kneecap is shifting round. For extreme instances, surgical procedure is beneficial, and orthopedic surgical procedure for a Chihuahua can vary from $1,000 to $5,000. And this price doesn’t embody bodily remedy and follow-up therapies. In a scenario like this, pet insurance coverage can take the strain off, realizing your pup wants surgical procedure. Relying on the protection you choose, you’ll be taking a look at a considerably lowered price to provide your baby again their mobility.

Not even contemplating all the cash you’ll save for annual vet visits, pet insurance coverage can put a dent in sudden surgical procedure prices, leaving you to focus in your canine’s restoration reasonably than the place to search out the cash. Evaluate pet insurance policy for chihuahuas to see what’s proper in your little ones!

Collapsing Trachea

Chihuahuas and different small breed canine are vulnerable to collapsing trachea. This situation happens when a portion of the windpipe collapses, resulting in shortness of breath, fatigue, and a cough Dr. Tina Pilgram of First Vet describes as a “goose honk sounding cough.” And relying on the severity of the collapse, it might trigger respiratory misery and fainting.

If a collapsed trachea is suspected, your vet will carry out a battery of scans and checks consisting of X-rays, fluoroscopy, and a bronchoscopy. This process requires a basic anesthetic because the vet inserts a digital camera into the trachea to see what’s happening, in accordance with Dr. Pilgram. These procedures might be dear on their very own however piled on high of one another, the payments can get overwhelming.

Take a look at this estimated value breakdown of procedures used to diagnose collapsed trachea in Chihuahuas:

  • X-rays – roughly $200
  • Fluoroscopy – $150 – 200
  • Bronchoscopy – $1,500 – $2,000

And this doesn’t embody workplace go to prices or therapy bills. However with pet insurance coverage, you’re solely paying a couple of {dollars} a month for the monetary peace of thoughts insurance coverage can ship when a medical emergency strikes.

Get free pet insurance quotes and save! 

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Bladder Stones

Do you know Chihuahuas, particularly males, are genetically dispositioned for bladder stones? Made up of various mineral compositions, bladder stones are simply what they sound like, and so they’re fairly painful! Two of the main indicators your canine has these stones are straining to urinate and bloody urine. And when your furry good friend is struggling like this, in fact, you head to the vet.

After an examination and doubtless X-rays, you get the analysis, and it seems to be like the answer might be weight-reduction plan modification. With pet insurance coverage, it will wind up a free or low-cost go to to get your child on observe to feeling higher. However what if surgical procedure is the one choice to avoid wasting your Chihuahua from large, painful bladder stones?

Bladder stone surgical procedure, referred to as a cystotomy, prices roughly $2,000 for canine. However, as soon as once more, pet insurance can save the day. And with the invoice lined because of insurance coverage foresight, you possibly can think about getting your pup again on their paws and flowing freely!


Low blood sugar might not seem to be an emergency, however it may be lethal in a tiny bathroom breed just like the Chihuahua.

Dr. Koch warns, “Chihuahuas are predisposed to this situation on account of their small measurement and if they don’t obtain correct diet or are very sick the degrees of glucose within the physique can drop quickly.”

This sudden blood sugar crash can result in fainting, seizures, comas, and even dying. However emergency vet visits might be an expressway to very large medical payments. And sadly, these astronomical and sudden vet payments can go away households making the toughest alternative ever as a result of they’ll’t afford the emergency care to avoid wasting their furry ones.

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Dental Illness

From massive pups to small canine breeds like chihuahuas, therapy to appropriate dental illness points can get costly, regardless of the kind of canine. To go off any massive doggie dental points as your chihuahua ages, look into pet insurance policy that cowl dental checkups or a minimum of cut back their prices. Even when your canine by no means has a dental situation, enamel cleanings get costly as a result of they contain anesthesia. Pet insurance coverage will help offset the estimated $500-$1,000 price of maintaining your Chihuahua’s smile pearly white and their breath doggie contemporary!

chihuahua health problems

Pet Insurance coverage Offers You A Monetary Leg Up Over Chihuahua Well being Issues

From puppyhood to the golden senior days, defend your loyal and tiny good friend with pet insurance coverage! With insurance coverage in place, your Chihuahua’s well being issues gained’t drain your financial savings account, leaving you with one much less monetary fear. And now, getting a pet insurance quote has by no means been simpler. Simply fill out the shape under, and away you go to peace of thoughts in your Chihuahua!

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. If you purchase by way of hyperlinks on our website, we might earn an affiliate fee at no further price to you.

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