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This Gritty reboot of ‘One Punch Man’ is an anime masterpiece

As soon as in a fantastic whereas we’re given one thing that transcends mere social media, and turns into a murals. When a Flyers fan determined to remake the intro of One Punch Man with Gritty, nicely, the Mona Lisa ought to transfer over.

I’ve been obsessive about attempting to work out Gritty’s true nature ever since he arrived within the NHL. Initially I simply assumed he was a dark elder God would would eventually consume us all, however this new take a look at Gritty actually has me pondering.

Perhaps I had this all backward. Maybe Gritty isn’t some Lovecraftian Outdated One, and relatively absolute pure anime distilled right into a furry entity? I imply, in case you examine Gritty with Saitama from One Punch Man, so much begins to make sense.

  • Doesn’t know his personal energy
  • Kinda lazy when he’s not “on”
  • A hero who’s comfy simply being himself

Now, I do know this isn’t an ideal one-to-one comparability. I imply, I’d argue Gritty is much more like Goku than Saitama, however this complete anime revelation has me pondering means an excessive amount of concerning the nature of Gritty and what he means to the world.

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